Dear tattooists and friends of colourful skin art. The initiators of the European petition, Michl Dirks and Erich Mähnert, are going to the next round in the fight with all their comrades-in-arms for the preservation of the two pigments Blue 15 & Green 7, which are threatened by the ban.
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How can I support this Petition?

  1. Click on the link of the EU petition portal
  2. Log in to the EU petition portal
  3. Enter No. 1072/2020 in the search bar
  4. Click on support petition

Petition No 1072/2020 by Erich Mähnert (Austrian) on maintaining different pigments in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)

to the PORTAL

Last week, Erich and Michl had the opportunity to talk to the EU parliamentarian Dipl. Ing. Alexander Bernhuber about the problem of the EU Tattoo Products Regulation which is heading towards the industry.

Dipl. Ing. Bernhuber has promised the industry his active support, so that with the agreement of his office a European Petition was submitted to the EU Petitions Committee at 12:30 pm today.

This petition will now be examined by the EU Committee on Petitions and subsequently published on the portal.


From the moment the petition is published, all campaigners should receive the link to the petition via social media and the associations and be asked to support the petition. The support will be given by logging in and registering on the portal.

Once the petition is completed, the initiators will be invited to Brussels to present the industry's concerns.
Unlike the petition of the German comrades-in-arms of the #tattoofarbenretten initiative, this petition follows the Austrian path. Through the existing contact to the EU parliamentarian, there is a direct link to the Committee on Petitions in Brussels. This ensures that at least one stakeholder is aware of the concern and the problems at hand when the petition arrives and can take action in the committee.

The German petition has created an awareness of the problems that threaten the existence of the EU. The European petition launched from Austria is intended to force the EU to make the industry heard.

In the next few days, the initiators will ensure that the text of the petition, which has been agreed with the office, is translated into several languages in order to facilitate the work of the other associations at national level.
„Ja schon wieder Unterschreiben - aber ein Versuch ist es wert und kostet nicht viel Zeit! Zeigen wir mal wieviel auf Europäischer Ebene erreicht wird."

So SAVE THE DATE as we know it.
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